Frequently Asked Questions

I'm so down! When, what time, and where?

We meet on Tuesday nights, rain or shine, at 6:30PM sharp! See below for the meeting location.

Where do you guys meet?

We meet in the heart of Dartmouth at Sullivans Pond. More specifically, we meet at the Gazebo near the corner of Hawthorne Street and Crighton Avenue. Check out the map below for details!

Do you run at any other times?

For now we don’t have any other scheduled run times. We do, however, organize special events or longer runs from time to time!

How fast do you run?

We are a diverse group of runners and we like to stick together as a group. In order to achieve this, we typically run at a 6:00min/km pace. But never fear, we are a friendly crew, so you’ll find a buddy to stick with if you’re feeling gassed or extra motivated.

Do you get together after the runs?

After our first run of the month we like to grab a beverage (alcoholic or otherwise) and socialize!

This sounds too good to be true…Is it free to join?

Yes! It’s FREE!

Where can I check out this weeks route?

If you'd like to see the route ahead of time, join our club on Strava. The routes are posted there beforehand. And remember, if your run isn't on Strava, it didn't happen!

Do you have a place to store belongings?

Sorry, as of right now, we do not.

Can I bring my doggo?

If your dog is well behaved, sure thing! Make sure your dog has experience running with groups of people and along roadsides.

We can't wait to run with you!

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