This week's route


With the ongoing situation that is COVID-19, we will be enforcing a few extra rules/changes:

  1. Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory. Please complete the proof of vaccination form linked above or show proof of vaccination in person before the run.
  2. Treat other runners, walkers, and pedestrians as if they ALWAYS have the right-of-way, regardless of the direction they are travelling or at what speed! As we will likely be in larger groups than most we want to respect the personal space and possible anxieties of others during this time! You may need to completely stop running and walk around or wait for others to pass.
  3. Please do not join if you are feeling unwell or are experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID-19.
  4. Always adhere to the most up-to-date rules and guidelines put in place by the NS government.

Any crew members who have been observed not following the rules above may be asked to leave and not return the following week.

By joining Dartmouth Runners at a scheduled event/run, you agree to take full responsibility of your own safety and well-being.

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